Monday, May 28, 2007

wtf?! Non griefer???!?

How the hell is shitting on someone's fleeting, hopeless attempt at connecting with someone you passed on a bus or street not an act of grief ?!?

Ok, it's not as annoying as having you workplace email, phone number and name dragged through the mud, but it is not an act of kindness by any means. Its fucking with other people, which to me is an act of grief.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Department of Lessons Learned

Today, I learned to feel another's pain. Even worse, because it was CD's pain I taught myself to feel.

You see, I was shopping at my local independent deli/grocer and as I prepared to pay, the clerk just stood there staring at me like "WTF are you handing me a Floppy Disk for!!?!?!"

I politely informed her that if she simply booted it, she would find I had plenty of credits I had earned volunteering at the Leftorium's OSCON booth last year in Portland.

But you know what she did? She just stared at me and told me thay could only accept legitimate forms of payment!!!!!11!1!!!!!1

Legitimate forms of payment?! Legitimate forms of payment!!!!

I gave her a thorough rundown of what different cultures accept as payment in other parts of the world, all which fell to nothing on her deaf ears. I wish she was mute instead of deaf to my explanations.

I told her that her salary comes from paying customers like me and that if she likes her check and no benefits, she better load my disk and bag my purchase.

Again, she reiterated that she could only accept legitimate forms of payment and reminded me that there were other people in the store, people with real money who were anxious to check out.

That was it!! I asked if she could point me to an electrical outlet and provide the wifi key to the store so I could boot my OpenBSD laptop and show her my credits myself!

Can you believe this! She told me "no, I "can't do that", I'm the "cashier" and that they "don't have a wifi network" !!!!!!!! Is this a independent grocer or a Nazi Germany?

I told her this was the last time I was shopping there, and left, furious after asking her for her and her supervisors' SecondLife avatar names. I went across the street to the Free Geek drop in center, booted my floppy in exchange for a vegan brownie baked by the admin tranny and set off to educate some fresh young minds.

The avatar's names she'd provided for SecondLife ((You Are A Pathetic Looser, Get the Fuck out of my Store) were going to get a griefing they'd never seen before. Before I was done with them, they'd wish they'd never left orientation island.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not a breast man here, but...

I'm pretty sure this graphic is for women who are meant to feel inferior about their busts in a time when you wouldn't come out and say that.

holy shit! cory doctorow got bad customer service!


Cory Doctorow was inconvenienced by wanting to use a debit card at a small regional car rental place!!!!

How is this an posting about anything other than CD's inconvenience? Do I care that he didn't read the fine print on this reservation?? Is there an up and coming artist that paints (fill in: robots, big eyed girls, wookies/bigfoot, videogame characters) attached to this company? Is there a limited edition vinyl toy for sale he wants to let me know about after He's ordered one?

Should I expect to hear about service fees he doesn't like paying???

How does he feel about his rental agreement? Is His cellular service contract to His liking?

Is CD going to turn into Andy Rooney? Are the cereal box tabs useless, CD?

The Fox rental service is AT the airport where they were telling you to provide a paper itinerary. Are you telling me you couldn't go back to the counter and just end the matter? No, you walked across to Hertz, rented a car and matter resolved. Which should have been the end of it, a personal inconvenience.

Is the company's policy absurd and asinine?

Sure. But the proper angle is to talk about why car rental companies can't accept debit cards any longer. How does it expose them to loss??(people close their checking accounts after renting) ? Why do so few car rental places offer to accept debit at all??? What happened???

Does he really expect me to have sympathy that he argued with a service person? I was a service person not that long ago and I can tell you that if he'd come to my counter, I may have just found a way to turn him down just for the attitude.

Service people don't care, aren't paid enough and should not be the focus of your dissatisfaction. They don't have the power to make your unreasonable request granted anyway, no matter how long you've chaired this or that, lived on the Continent or Canada.

Opening peace

After tossing around the idea for the past year, that of opening a blog to vent about, it has come to pass.

With each aggravating, selfish, or misdirected posting, my desire to do this has grown stronger. The idea gained favor among those who I presented it to and now it is born, the comments turned on.

I also didn't want to bring CD any more fame, even through derision, but, even this is no longer possible.

On a side note, and as a point of clarity, I have never felt moved to respond to any articles posted on boing boing from Xeni Jardin or David Pescovitz.