Friday, June 22, 2007

Accidental mispost

I recently received the following from a, I assume it is a mail he was trying to post elsewhere:

Action Stations fellow internauts!!!1!!1

Recently, after The Conference on Public Domain Plans for the Desalination of Urine for use at Burning Man, a copyright hero slipped me a copy of an outrageous new book, "Rule the Web."

This book is so flagrantly against everything I stand for, I can barely manage myself. The author has essentially taken information from the public domain on doing simple things like surfing anonymously and how to encrypt files and published them! I haven't been so outraged since I didn't read what I was agreeing to when renting a car!

Nothing so large of a closing of public domain information into a personal, for profit copyright has occurred since Walt Disney laid his hands on the collective throat of the Brothers Grimm!!!1!!1

I mean think about it, this guy just trolls forums and websites, collects easily available public information as tips and charges $14.95 for it. Thanks but no thanks! I like my information free, and not needlessly placed behind a copyright protection for the next 70+ years!

The worst part, is that he runs a free site that is based on user submissions where he promotes this and other nepotic efforts. Whats next from these guys? A book based on the submissions they've collected for free? (Note to self: start shopping idea of boing boing the book to Chronicle when back in SF) or a constant barrage of postings regarding my latest efforts and local readings thereof?

I only wish Lawrence was still with us, fighting the good fight on guys like this abusing copyright on information available in the commons.
Support my outrage! Write to this guy and ask him to explain himself, tell him Dr. O sent you.


x said...

I am now slightly corse edey form raednig that blue on black post. Join with me in the fight against people who play with their font colors. Epileptic.. fit.. now kicking in...

advocate said...

um, the advocate appologizes for your seizures. The advocate believes it was the intent of the original message writer (the mysterious Dr. O) to use the low energy web palette as an empty gesture of energy conservation.

knowing that seizures can be so easily induced, only informs the enemy. you should suffer in silence .


x said...

Despite his disturbing involvement with Public Domain Plans for the Desalination of Urine for use at Burning Man and inablity to maintain himself among those he flagrantly disagrees with, Dr.O recieves whuffie for his contributions to the environment.

Easily induced? Maybe that's what I want them to think. AI Robots aren't so tough, all you need to destroy them is a canister of compressed air and a ballpin hammer. Seen T2? (It will be many years until they develop an understanding of sarcasm and crying.)

Research Monkey said...

Hee! That's one of the best laughs I've ever had over a blog comment. Kinda perturbed about the caffeinated beverage that spewed from my nose whilst reading though. Might wanna warn your die-hard readers of that kind of impending hilarity so they can take a sip, swallow, and then read on. Thanks, advocate!

x said...

Where are you? What happened? Did they get to you? Do Mark and Xeni have you tied up in a laughing squid office somewhere? Inquiring minds want to know