Friday, June 15, 2007

Color Me Badd

This just in off the AP telegrammy wire:

Breaking News Stop

New Master of Pop Art and Surrealism found Stop

Local Los Angeles hero Cory Doctorow has been recognized as one of the nations' top promising artistic talents after attending an art exhibit and turning his snapshot camera onto the world Stop

Quoting the young wunderkind he said After visiting the exhibit at the LACMA, I conflated the point of the exhibit (to showcase the impact of an artist on other artists and culture) with my obsession with fair use culture. It's really been a whirlwind Exclamation Stop

Cory immediately set out taking snapshot of anything and everything he could find Stop He learned from the exhibit and his own over blown sense of self worth that taking a snapshot on your camera phone is the same as making derivative art that others care about Stop

Quoting Cory again he said Im not sure whats next for me Stop I Am thinking of opening an art school Stop

With such admired critics as Robert Hughes calling his work better than anything in the Met, photos of friends standing in front of famous works by Braque and Duchamp as selling a for literally almost the cost of reproduction Stop

Quoting Robert Hughes Finally someone understands art Stop I am going to republish Shock of the New with nothing but Corys photos of famous works Stop The side benefit being not supporting the museum or collections through royalty payments Stop With his new technique Cory has literally produced more work and of the highest quality than all artists previously Exclamation Stop

Way to go kiddo, a true local hero Stop

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Research Monkey said...

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Good one, advocate. Keep 'em comining.

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